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Survival Paracord Plastic Clasp Bracelet Fundraiser
Survival Paracord Plastic Clasp Bracelet Fundraiser
Survival Paracord Plastic Clasp Bracelet Fundraiser
Item#: 002-FUND
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Product Description
Paracord Survival Bracelets $2.50each / Min order 100pcs Recommended Sell Price - $5 - $10

You may mix and match colors and sizes to make up the 100pc min.

Real popular and trendy item for both Children and Adults! Wear them as a fashion statement or as a symbol of strength, honor and survival.

Unraveling one of these cool paracord bracelets could save a life.

• Tough, Stylish, and Expedition Ready! It’s all about survival.

• Hand made using military 550 spec paracord rope.

• Bracelet can be unraveled in about a minute, giving you about 15 ft of strong, versatile cord for all kinds of emergencies.

Choose from 2 sizes: 7.5" (Children & Teens) and 8.5" (Adults).

How to Order:

Click the “add to shopping cart” button.

In your shopping cart, Adjust Qty to 100 (or another qty) and click “Update” on the screen or just press “enter” on your keyboard.

Your totals will be updated in the shopping cart.

There will be no tax and don't forget to select Free Shipping at checkout.

Checkout using a credit card or using Paypal.

Then email us your requirements (color, size, qty) to customerservice@powerenergysports.com

NOTE If ordering 100 pcs of 1 specific color, we might not have that qty or color in stock. No worries - we can special order it from our vendor. Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks.