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Power Energy Sports

Baseball 3 Rope Braid Tornado Energy Necklace Green Orange White Hurricanes

Baseball 3 Rope Braid Tornado Energy Necklace Green Orange White Hurricanes

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Germanium, Titanium, and Anions (negative ions) - three very powerful chemical elements, are being blended together into the necklace fabric to help relieve stress and fatigue by improving blood flow & circulation. Many professional athletes are finding positive results in enhancing their sports performance while wearing these necklaces.

The necklace is processed with special Chem-Technology which makes the water-soluble Germanium, Titanium and Ions stay absorbed in the fabric. The result - "Titanium Energy" lasts the life of the fabric and cannot be washed out or fade away, even when you are doing water sports. The material emits energy that is effective in controlling the flow of bio-electric current in ones body. It will improve the alignment of ions when this current is stabilized (so called "Minus Ion Power"), especially at the body's crucial motor joints.

Perfect for all types of sport: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Gym, Golf, Basketball, Fishing, Hiking, Hockey etc..

Material - Outer 100% nylon. Inner 100% elastomer (titanium compound).


1. Reduces muscle tension and increase flexibility

2. Protects against muscular injury

3. Reduces fatigue thus enhancing the ability to perform at maximum level

4. Improves blood flow & circulation

5. Alleviates discomfort and improves sleep

Size Suggestions:

Age 8 - 11 = 18"

Teens/Adults = 20"

Adults = 22"
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